We address waitlists and targets at Step 2 and Step 3

Our customised online platform can be accessed anywhere, anytime which means registered ICS Digital Therapies clinicians can provide therapy sessions for referred patients outside IAPT core hours. Client notes will integrate seamlessly back to the originating IAPT service, allowing them to access real time data and reporting.

Our online solution makes perfect sense in today’s world and is a concept that’s supported by both the NHS and NICE. It works for individuals who are unable to seek help during the standard ‘working day’ and also those who feel more comfortable participating in therapy sessions from the comfort of their own home.

Our virtual IAPT service is the result of extensive research. Clinically-designed and patient-centric, it’s powered by leading technologies that are already successfully utilised within a standard IAPT service.

A guide to our therapy and our partners

We have partnered with:

  • Pulse Psychological Therapies - an ICS Group brand that has a nationwide bank of qualified therapists, many of whom are actively seeing evening and weekend work
  • iaptus creator Mayden to create our own bespoke, virtual platform that is compatible with iaptus
  • Silvercloud - the UK’s leading provider of online guided self help

Find out more information about our partners here.

How do we manage risk?

We have comprehensive and robust systems in place to ensure the highest standards of care. We’re committed to ensuring effective clinical governance, which helps us maintain our reputation and consistently delivers a commitment to quality and learning, continual improvements and a reduction of errors and adverse events.

If an ICS Digital Therapies therapist feels that a patient is at risk, he or she will immediately alert their ICS supervisor and/or clinical lead who will contact you, the referring service, to discuss how it should be managed. There will follow a clear escalation process which involves:

  • Contacting the patient’s GP (we will not accept referrals without all GP details in place)
  • Recording the situation on iaptus immediately
  • Providing the patient with relevant national emergency services (stored on iaptus). We will also have details of local emergency services (CRISIS service, A&E etc.) sent from you, the referring service, prior to the commencement of therapy

Find out more information about our clinical governance processes here.