About ICS Digital Therapies

ICS Digital Therapies is part of Independent Clinical Services (ICS), a leader in the the UK healthcare staffing and services market. Underpinned by a commitment to quality, compliance and compassionate care, ICS has a workforce of 1,700 and over 30 years’ experience in healthcare industry. The group consists of multiple brands - of which we’re one - operating across community and complex care, staffing, managed services and managed health services.

Since 2009, ICS has supported several IAPT services through Pulse Psychological Therapies. We’ve assisted with several large-scale staffing projects, providing 100+ full-time employees, including PWPs and HI Therapists. In 2016 Pulse Psychological Therapies provided a record number of over 550,000 clinical hours to the Psychological Therapies market.

The development of ICS Digital Therapies was a natural development for ICS and Pulse Psychological Therapies who have a bank of over 1,500 compliant and active therapists, many seeking evening and weekend work. We also have a very real desire to partner with the NHS to help meet and sustain the national recovery rate targets and transform the provision of psychological therapies in the UK.

In 2017, we partnered with technology provider, Mayden, to develop ICS Digital Therapies.

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