A digitally-enabled psychological therapies service, accessible anywhere, anytime.

ICS Digital Therapies is a pioneering service improving the accessibility, affordability and effectiveness of psychological therapies.

We provide a broad range of digitally-enabled brief therapies at both Step 2 and Step 3. We’re able to do this because we’ve taken iaptus - the case management system used by IAPT services throughout the UK - and partnered with its developers to take it one step further. Our customised online platform can be accessed anywhere, anytime which means registered ICS Digital Therapies clinicians can provide therapy sessions for referred patients outside IAPT core hours. Client notes will integrate seamlessly back to the originating IAPT service, allowing them to access real time data and reporting.

A focus on partnership underpins everything we do. Our service significantly increases choice and flexibility for our registered qualified therapists, providing them with the chance to work remotely, outside core hours and focus on their specific area of expertise. Side by side with IAPT services, we’ll work to meet and sustain the national recovery rate targets and transform the provision of psychological therapies in the UK.

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